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The 25 best women’s soccer players in the world!

The 25 best women's soccer players in the world!

The 25 best women’s soccer players in the world!-Soccer was once considered a men’s sport. The proof is that although there is now a women’s soccer world tournament, it has never been as popular as the men’s version. Fortunately, things have changed and the women’s World Cup is gaining more and more ground. From defense to attack, every country has at least one player with an impressive track record.


Those who think that women are bad at dribbling and scoring are wrong. This way you will discover that soccer is made for women and that they are doing very well in this field!


The best players of the FIFA Women’s World Cup


Sam Kerr: Australia

Australia has a great name. Among its players is Sam Kerr. The 25-year-old striker is drawing attention from the football world for scoring numerous goals and celebrating, something unusual. In fact, he celebrates his goals with somersaults and stunts.


Alex Morgan: United States

Women’s soccer is very strong in the United States. Of the seven editions of the tournament, the country has won three, including the first (1991) and the last (2015). One of the most prominent in the country is Alex Morgan. The player, who turned 30 in 2019, played her third Women’s World Cup.


Dzsenifer Marozsan: Germany

The German Dzsenifer Marozsan is one of those players who has already written her name in the history books of world women’s football. The midfielder has twice been named the best player in Germany. In addition, in 2018 she competed for the title of best player in the world, second only to Marta.


Amandine Henry: France

Beyond the numbers, what draws Amandine Henry’s attention is her way of playing. No wonder she was voted the second best player in the world in 2015. As a midfielder, Henry has mastered her craft, both defensively and creatively. She is unafraid to steal the ball when necessary, and with her precise passes.


Lieke Martens: Netherlands

At just 26 years old, Lieke Martens is one of the leading figures in women’s football in the Netherlands. Despite her young age, the player already accumulates awards and historical figures in her career. She reached her peak in 2017, when FIFA named her the best soccer player in the world.


Lucy Bronze: England

England has one of the most versatile players in football. Lucy Bronze is an original winger, but she can play other positions on the field. The player previously played for the English club Manchester City and is currently with the French club Lyon. In 2018, the athlete ranked sixth among the best players in the world.


Eugeni Le Sommer: France

France are in search of their first world title and have a real goal-scoring machine. Eugeni Le Sommer slots the ball into the back of the net with disconcerting ease. With Lyon, the Frenchwoman has scored 257 goals and is one of the best scorers in the history of women’s football.


Wendie Renard: France

The French player, Wendi Renard, has precise touches and a very consistent passing game. In the last edition of the Women’s World Cup, France finished in fourth place, and this year they are aiming for the title.


Marta: brazil

There is still no adjective in the global vocabulary that can define what Marta does while she plays soccer. Chosen six times as the best player in the world, a feat that no other woman has achieved, the number 10 of the Brazilian team is the top scorer at the Women’s World Cup. In total, she scored 15 goals in six editions of the tournament. Skillful and fast, the queen of soccer is an icon of this sport in the world.


Megan Rapinoe: United States

One of the most important players in the United States is Megan Rapinoe. From 2017 to now, the midfielder has scored 13 goals and provided 17 assists for the US national team.


Lindsey Horan: United States

Lindesey Horan, also a member of the North American national team, is versatile and can defend in any position on the court. She gained further viability after giving up a full college scholarship to sign with French side Paris Saint-Germain.


Frank Kirby: England

The England team has one of the most ‘unstoppable’ strikers in football. Fran Kirby is nicknamed the «Mini Messi» by her coach. Like Argentina, they are deadly with the ball at their feet and don’t give the opposing defense a chance. Although she has struggled with injuries this year, Fran is still one of the team’s most important players.


Christine Sinclair: Canada

Canadian Christine Sinclair has a nose for goalscoring. The striker wants to become the top international goalscorer of all time and only needs four goals to achieve the feat.


Viviane Miedema: Holland

Viviane Miedema is only 22 years old and is one of the most feared attackers in her position. With only three goals to score, she will reach 60 goals and become the top scorer in the Netherlands.


Tobin Heath: Staythe united

Nothing better than attending a World Cup in the prime of life, right? Well, that’s the case with Tobin Heath. With the American team, he has already won a Mindo Cup and the Olympics. She is the only one on Team USA to have all four achievements. In the national team, since 2018, she has 10 goals and seven assists in 15 games.


Saki Kumagai: Japan

Saki Kumagai’s experience was a major asset for the Japan team during the 2019 Women’s World Cup. The team captain is considered one of the best midfielders in the world. With a great ability to float between the lines of defense and attack, she was ranked 12th in 2018 in voting for the best player on the planet.


Amel Majri: France

Amel Majri is one of the most important defensive pieces of the French team. In 2016 she was considered the best player in the country. Despite this, in 2017 he missed the Eurocup due to injury.


Crystal Dunn: United States

Crystal Dunn is a versatile player, who plays in different positions. That’s why she plays a good role both in attack and defense. For Courage in the NSWL, she played forward with 12 goals and 8 assists. For the United States national team, she played full-back for over a year.


Kim Little: Scotland

Scotland will participate in their first Women’s World Cup in 2019 and among the team’s standouts is Kim Little. The player from the English team Arsenal commands the team’s midfield and is considered one of the most technical athletes in the world.


Alexandra Popp: Germany

Since 2014, Alexandra Popp is considered one of the best footballers in the world. That year, she was named the best German player of the season.


Caroline Graham Hansen: Norway

In 2015, Hansen missed the Women’s World Cup due to injury, so she is looking forward to this edition even more. She made her international debut at 16 and already scored her first goal at 17.


Nilla Fischer: Switzerland

Nilla Fischer is a renowned Swedish athlete, her record is impeccable. The athlete has already won a silver medal and a bronze medal at the Olympic Games. However, this will probably be the player’s last World Cup.


Becky Sauerbrunn: United States

Becky Sauerbrunn, 34, is one of the most important pieces of the American defense. She was also present during the 2015 World Cup, when the country became champion. If she lifts the trophy in this edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the defense will be added to the list of the best American players.


Danielle van de Donk: Holland

Danielle van de Donk is one of the most skilled midfielders in the Netherlands. The athlete herself executes her function in an integral way with tackles, volleys, creations and shots that make her a complete player in her sector.


Shanice van de Sanden: Holland

Shanice van de Sanden is considered one of the fastest players in the world. The Dutch player plays on the right wing of the field and is a real nightmare for her opponents, who cannot stop her. And sometimes, she without even reaching it.